Organization LUNA, n.o.

helps victims of domestic violence - women and children

Dear women, wives, partners, do you live in a relationship with an abusive partner and cannot help yourself? No one to turn to for help?

LUNA n. o. is a non-profit organization providing a temporary home for women and their children at risk of domestic and gender-based violence in the BŽD (Safe Women's Home) facility.

Our BŽD provides:

  • residential social service,
  • a continuous crisis hotline,
  • psychological counselling,
  • crisis intervention,
  • social counselling,
  • legal advice,
  • education for female clients (parenting skills, household management),
  • escort to the court or the police.

The length of stay at our facility is tailored to how long you will need protection and support.

We also accept clients from other self-governing regions, but we focus primarily on the districts of Trenčín, Ilava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Bánovce nad Bebravou, Púchov, Myjava, Partizánske, Prievidza and Považská Bystrica.


I am a victim of violence

According to the UN, violence against women is any act of violence rooted in gender inequality, which results in, or is intended to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm to the woman suffering, including threats of such acts, coercion or imprisonment of any kind, whether in public or private life.

(UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women 1993, Art. 1.)

"Domestic violence can take hundreds of forms and manifestations. This behavior happens behind closed doors, escalates with the advancing relationship, and in itself never ends. It is not okay if control, restraint, prohibitions, commands, humiliation, forcing "obedience" by force are considered an expression of love. It is also not okay if the partner confuses love with the right to property, claiming that his jealousy is only a manifestation of great and endless love, which results in humiliation, profanity, threats and physical attacks... "

Hana Štrbová, Director of BŽD Luna Trenčín


Am I the aggressor?

A guide intended for men can not only benefit their orientation in their own marital or partnership relationship, but can also contribute to the elimination of violence against women by obtaining new information on this serious but also sensitive topic.


How can I help?

The issue of domestic violence is a very complex and sensitive subject. If a woman living in a violent relationship falls into a circle of violence, she already needs help from outside. However, in order to effectively help women living in violent relationships, victims of domestic violence and eliminate this undesirable social phenomenon, it is first necessary to bring violence against women to people's attention as a serious, whole-of-society problem. It is necessary to know what gender equality, gender-based violence and violence against women are.