LUNA n.o. helps victims of domestic violence

LUNA, n.o. specializes in professional assistance to women experiencing violence in partner relationships. We provide specialized social counseling, legal counseling and psychological counseling. 

The services of the LUNA Intervention Centre, n.o. for victims are provided free of charge thanks to the project Providing professional assistance to victims of crime. The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic within the framework of a subsidy program for providing professional assistance to victims of crime. 

Counselling Centre
In 2018, we received accreditation to provide basic and special advice.
A safe women's home
Since 2015, the Safe Women's House has been operating as an emergency housing facility with 21 housing units, with a separate room along with a toilet for each client.
Intervention centre
1.1.2022 we obtained accreditation for victims of crime. We also provide legal advice free of charge.